Training Program

Training Program

Training, Course, and Workshop (TCW) will enhance the personal skills, bridging the know-how into practice. We provide not only in our TCW facility, but also on-site and custom TCW Topics.

Regular Training, On-site Training, and Custom


 - Generator, Transformer & MV Feeder Protection

 - Protection for Transmission Line

 - Protection for Industrial Power System

 - Protection and Control of Industrial Motor

 - Basic and Advanced Power Quality

 - Substation Automation System

 - Basic IoT and Implementation in Home, Building, Industrial and Substation Automation

 - Process Control for Industrial System

 - Basic and Advanced Programmable Logic Controller

 - CAD Engineering Drawing

 - Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance of Switchgear

 - DigSILENT (Power Factory)

 - ETAP for Power System