Engineering Service

Engineering Service

Our Engineering services cover application of knowledge in the term of Study and Field Implementation. In some cases it is implemented as a Technical Consultancy, Field Technical Assessment, Solution and Recommendation. Not only using sophisticated-ready to use softwares, we also bring it from very native calculation, in order to have a better understanding of it. Customer satisfaction is always be our goal.

- Study of Interconnection- Renewable Power Plant into Utility MV-Network

- Study of Electrical Protection Coordination

- Study of LV-MV Arc Flash Protection

- Study of HV Reactor, Capacitor, Sizing and Placement

- Study of HV-Transmission Phase Interposing

- Power Quality Assessment

- Power Plants Assessment

- 150kV System Assessment

- 70kV System Assessment

- 20kV MV Grid Assessment

- Power Transformer Condition Assessment

- Substation Automation System Design and Application

- Industrial Electrical Plant Design

- Fault Record Interpretation

- Primary Substation Equipments Testing

- Protective Relays Testing

- Grounding Test – Measurement

- Power Quality Measurement

- Thermal and Corona Inspection