Sprecher Automation

Sprecher Automation

Sprecher Automation provides wide range of Automation Products for Energy Provider (Utilities), Industry and Infrastructures, from Generation, Transmission and Distribution System, from Low Voltage into Extra High Voltage Solutions.


Just like in an organism, electricity pulsates in different power systems in order to provide energy for motion, light, heat and entertainment and finally serves for our common welfare.


Processes in industries and municipal utilities must be controlled at the highest possible precision level. Reactions within fractions of seconds as well as multiple parallel processes demand sophisticated control systems with optimal adaption to the specific requirements.

Sprecher Automation provides a wide range of technologies for optimal and secure process automation as well as power supply for various branches. For certain branches, Sprecher Automation offers specifically developed automation packages, hardware components as well as application software for swift realizations.


Infrastructure projects are characterized by distributed supply processes that are controlled and monitored by and from a central control room. Local control stations and automation equipment additionally increase availability.

Typical infrastructure applications are integrated solutions for all supply lines and infrastructure processes.

Typical application areas are transportation (traction power, tunnels, airports etc.), municipal utilities (local suppliers, gas and water suppliers) and large building complexes (hospitals, computing centers, fairs etc.)

Sprecher Automation provides sophisticated solutions for these areas with its automation platform SPRECON-E and its scalable SPRECON-V460 control centers. The turnkey solutions cover automation, control, protection and monitoring of all relevant processes based on a uniform platform. Furthermore, these solutions can be easily integrated in existing process control systems.

SPRECON E-P (Power System Protection)
     -  SPRECON E-P-DS Over Current Protection Relay
     -  SPRECON E-P-DD Distance Protection Relay
     -  SPRECON E-P-DL Line Differential Protection Relay
     -  SPRECON E-P-DQ Transformer Differential Protection

SPRECON E-C (Control System)
     - SPRECON E-C AVR Automatic Voltage Regulator
     - SPRECON E-C BCU Bay Control Unit
     - SPRECON E-C Station Controller
     - SPRECON E-C FLS Frequency Load Shedding
     - SPRECON E-C SYNC Synchro Check
     - SPRECON E-C SIG Alarm Indication Unit
     - SPRECON E-C PDC Protection Data Concentration Unit
     - SPRECON E-CP2500 Control Panel Station Controller

SPRECON E-T3 Compact RTU Unit
SPRECON E-V460 Advanced SCADA Platform